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SYNE connects the social impact world with technology, advisory and analytics to measure sustainable community impact. The world has entered a new era of Impact-as-a-Service and we are determined to change the way we all approach Philanthropy.

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SYNE - Borderless Impact-as-a Service Ecosystem

SYNE provides a borderless social impact platform to raise funds, manage projects, create communities, volunteering, events, and share community stories for social change. Founders, change-makers, creators and artists can create memberships and followers using SYNE Circles.

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Budgeting & Funding

SYNE assists businesses to budget their social impact programs and channelise them to proficient organisations to maintain the sustainability of the impact.

Projects & Challenges

Our tailor-made solutions for projects, campaigns and challenges helps you connect to a versatile community of thinkers, change makers to resolve challenges.

Employee Engagement

SYNE aids in encouraging employees of partners to engage in social change projects and create impactful transformations in the respective communities.

Impact Measurements

SYNE provides exclusive tools to partners to measure as well as analyse impacts within communities , which help in creating positive social impact on people and communities.

SYNE Social Impact for Not-for-Profits and Businesses

SYNE focuses on solving the biggest challenges faced by humanity using financial technologies
and collective social impact funding within short timelines.


SYNE assists in the creation, promotion and management of projects with the aid of an integrated community of volunteers to strengthen relationships with partner organisations.

Beneficiary Tracking

SYNE provides end-to-end support for partners to track and validate beneficiaries, thus ensuring that social giving initiatives reach the less privileged and help verify the social impact measurements.

Matched Funding

SYNE helps you channelise your employee and employer contributions through matched funding for social impact projects ensuring accountability, responsibility and transparency.

Payroll Giving

SYNE provides a complete solution by facilitating easy and transparent Payroll Giving when pre-decided amounts are deducted from employees’ monthly salary, as a contribution to the supported projects.

ESG Measurements

SYNE facilitates businesses to create and measure their environmental, social and governance impact to increase their responsibility as well as safeguard from future risks.

Risk Assessment

SYNE helps assess the objectives, indicators, cost-to-benefit, associated risks, within projects and organisations to create well-grounded programs with maximised impact.

Collectively we can change this world.

Social Impact organisations - profit or not-for-profit - measures their success as an outcome
of impact on social, cultural and environmental metrics. For social entrepreneurs and
change makers wanting to create impact at scale, SYNE is the ideal platform to enable
the behaviour as it brings together all stakeholders in one place, thereby ensuring
accountability, responsibility and transparency.

The digital knowledge divide isn't about internet connectivity anymore. There are many educational technology companies operating in the world, but their products are not designed for low-income, under-connected kids in mind. Many of these paid products and learning elements do not reach the under privileged communities which thereby blocking significant social impact.

Brylls is using circles, events, communities and volunteering at SYNE to address education holistically.

SYNE Social Impact

SYNE transforms the way companies and organizations shape social change and impact.
SYNE believes social impact not only build brands but also serves as a fundamental business
driver. SYNE considers social impact work a competitive advantage and advocates that
corporate social responsibility efforts are not one-off, stand alone efforts of secondary
importance, often stifled by old paradigms.


Companies are Increasingly are under pressure to mitigate the impact their business has on the climate and businesses need to shift their focus to include supply chains, wherein the biggest climate risks and opportunities are found. From target setting to CO2 offsets, SYNE provides companies with the tools to measure and reduce climate impact at every level of the supply chain.

Modern Slavery

With an estimated 40 million people in conditions of slavery in the world, companies face significant risk of human rights violations in their direct and indirect supply chains. SYNE is developing an effective powerful supplier transparency and risk management platform that helps companies measure and improve social impact.

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