Social Giving

SYNE makes philanthropy accessible, inclusive and meaningful for anyone, from anywhere and helps fundraise for social causes or emergencies to create social impact.

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Social Change

Create social change projects with SYNE to empower people and communities for social development and helps put spotlight on brands by upholding impact campaigns.

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Impact Funding

Connect with innovators worldwide to help them achieve their dreams. Entrepreneurs with limited resources can use SYNE platform to get funds from trusted partners and achieve growth.

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Crowdfund your product or idea from those who believe in you. SYNE helps bring creative and technology projects - film, music, games, tech products, new services to life.

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With SYNE - empower you, your campaigns, communities, and fundraising.

SYNE is a borderless social impact platform where you can fundraise, create your own communities, share your stories, and the best way for creators and artists to gain support and membership from their fans.

SYNE for Charities and Not-for-Profit Organisations

Our unified impact platform connects givers and supporters with your organisation for continuous fundraising and community activities in less time. SYNE is the most comprehensive solution every non-profit needs to grow.

With SYNE, create an Accountable and Responsible Politics

SYNE helps you manage, monitor, and analyse the social development of your constituencies, and enables you to communicate with your constituents on local issues and development. We are providing wings to people with dreams who want to change the status quo in politics and make the world a better place.

Build your own communities to fund your creatives, social causes and projects. SYNE helps you connect people to bring innovative thinking for a better world.

Be it a creative project or a social cause campaign, our solutions can be personalised, comprehensive and programmed to measure results.

SYNE Circles facilitates monetisation from your supporters, and helps you manage content, challenges and events across the world.

SYNE helps you bill your supporters based on their preferences, and we will pay you whenever you want, or receive monthly auto payouts from your credits.

With SYNE, you can connect problem solvers and change makers for your projects or causes and build your own communities to gain their expertise for the future.

SYNE helps you create a positive social impact on people and the community you live. This is the only tool that can measure and analyse community impacts.

Quickly spin up impact projects, campaigns, petitions, events, fundraising, and communities that sync with your objectives and prompt supporters to share with their networks.

SYNE helps you create, promote and manage your engagements with an integrated community of supporters. Create your own circles to strengthen your relationships to scale your organisation.

SYNE tracks end beneficiaries of your good work to ensure the supported social giving initiatives reach the needy and help validate the social impact measurements.

Supercharge your fundraising with competitive matched funding from corporates and family business offices. Get your match funding in auto-pilot based on impact scoring.

Seamlessly collect and process one-time and recurring payments in 135 currencies with immediate payouts from individuals, teams, and corporates to maximise your good work.

Identify the most engaged people in your network and equip them with everything they need to advocate on behalf of your organisation. Unlock the power of the community you’ve built.

SYNE provides political parties with networks connecting people and helps maintain grassroots connections with issues and take decisions and actions effectively.

SYNE is in the journey of providing strong backing to new ideas for those who are looking to change the local communities to make the world live better.

In political circles transparency is key. SYNE provides the much-needed accountability and transparency in the much-maligned political funding ensuring that spends are easily traceable.

Seamlessly collect and process one-time and recurring payments in 135 currencies with immediate payouts from individuals, teams, and corporates to maximise your political fundraising.

Syne supports political parties in their challenges and helps create events for a clearly defined and precise social impact.

SYNE helps communicate to key target groups and strengthen ties with core audiences and work by connecting through impactful communication.

SYNE, the Unified Platform

SYNE brings together the unified view of social impact across communities and helps you manage, measure and automate fundraising, secured payments, promoting projects, validating not-for-profits and more. We keep our space free from advertisements and keep your data private and confidential.

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Power of Crowd

SYNE connects problem solvers bring innovative thinking for a better world and overcome limitations by harnessing the power of crowd.

Build your Communities

Be an identifiable hero and inspire local communities as well as create personal circles and use their expertise for the future.

Global Reach

Our platform is available across the world with international fundraising experiences and supports over 135+ currencies across 4 continents.

Social Stories

We help you harness the power of crowd to spread human stories and gain support for your social impact initiatives.


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Technology First,

Worlds most powerful and easy to use APIs designed for Innovative Organisations and Developers.

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Now you can build a meaningful relationship among your employees and with the organisation itself while delighting your supporters with the real impact of your work. SYNE has used the most trusted brands to enable our solution to ensure you are safe and secure while using the platform.

Built for your success

We form the backbone of your Social Enterprise and unleash our expertise for your benefit. SYNE helps you create a single source of truth to view all funding activities in a one place and also connects with accounting systems.


No Platform Fee

We support you on your first social giving project. The platform fee is on us,not you.


SYNE Pledge

SYNE have pledged 2% of our licenses, employee time and profits for social good and encourages our partners and customers to do so.


Currencies Supported

We support payments in over 135 currencies and processes them through trusted, safe and secure payment networks.


Our Coverage

SYNE operates in 7 countries across 4 continents with direct community engagements and local support in 26 countries.

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