Our Philanthropy mission is based on
Existence, Education and Growth.

SYNE Foundation connects innovative non-profits and social enterprises to accelerate
collective philanthropic impact. We are focused on improving life on land, enabling better
education and economic prosperity through technology solutions.

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Global Economic Inequality

One cannot get health and wealth by
oneself – it is societies that make progress,
not individuals.

Today’s global inequality is the consequence of the past two centuries of unequal progress.Most people in the world live in poverty with 85% of the world living on less than $30 per day, two-thirds live on less than $10 per day, and every tenth person lives on less than $1.90 per day.

Today it is upon us to even the odds and give everyone – no matter where they are born – the chance of a good life. Our hope for giving the next generations the chance to live a good life lies in broad development that makes possible for everyone what is attainable only for few today. It strikes many people as inherently unfair that only some enjoy healthy, wealthy, happy lives whilst others continue to live in ill-health, poverty and sorrow.

Source: World Bank

Let’s change the way we approach Philanthropy.

We are bound by the principles of openness in our activities with stake holders – our projects, clients,
investors, employees and the society. We feel that it is worthwhile to contest for the social good in this
world and our optimistic approach to goals will lead us to a positive and desirable achievement.

Solving humanity’s biggest challenges through technology and funding.

We are trying to help solve some of humanity’s biggest challenges – life on land, hunger, access to
education, financial inclusion and economic growth – combined with funding, innovation, and
technology expertise to support our communities.

SYNE Foundation

We connect innovative not-for-profits and social
enterprises to accelerate collective social impact.

What We Do

At SYNE Foundation, we are focused on existence, educate and growth. Existence refers to Life on land as human life depends on the earth as much as the ocean for our sustenance and livelihoods. We are committed and focused on education – primarily literacy, numeracy, coding and financial knowledge. Growth refers to overall economic prosperity, financial well-being achieved through financial technologies.

How We Do

We work with partners to provide social impact funding, enable best practices, facilitate fundraising for achieving mission goals, partner with organisations and corporates to develop innovative approaches and deliver social innovations to the communities. We invest in developing social innovations to help in solving complex challenges, in turn creating long term social impact. We help translate ideas and intentions into programs that chart a clear path to the desired social impact.

Collectively we can change this World.

We believe great innovations are results of collective wisdom. It’s not about ideas – it is about making ideas happen.

$125 Trillion

The value of ecosystems to human livelihoods and well-being per year.


Asia accounted for nearly two thirds with 63%, of the worlds hungry.

700 million

Workers lived in extreme or moderate poverty earning less than US$3.20 per day.


Children not achieving a minimum level of proficiency in reading and maths.

Ready to get started?

Whether it’s a grant to support our most innovative work or a customized program to engage your customers and employees – we’re interested in exploring partnership opportunities with you.

SYNE Foundation is a registered not-for-profit with Australian Charities and Not-for-Profits Commission (ACNC), the national regulator of charities in Australia. We are also a registered not-for-profit with Section 8 License Number: 112529 under the rules of section 8(1) of the Companies Act, 2013 in India.

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SYNE pools the strength of stakeholders - civil society, social entrepreneurs and private companies - through innovative collaboration models, making it the ideal partner to achieve social impact.

Impact Measurement

We define impact as the long-term positive change for individuals, communities, and society as a whole, that results from products, services and activities provided by organisations.