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Accelerate economic growth with an easy to use artificial intelligence powered technology platform which is safe, secure and scalable in the cloud infrastructure to analyze, measure, optimize and benchmark your sustainability impact.

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SYNE Financials

Discover actionable insights on financials and sustainability with our financial cloud - financial accounting, invoicing, billing, budgeting, inventory, sales, payments, supplier management and customer relationship management.

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SYNE Social Impact

Manage and optimize your sustainability offset with social impact projects, challenges, community engagements and events based on sustainable development goals or based on your choices with employee engagement in auto-pilot.

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SYNE Carbon

Offset your business carbon emissions seamlessly with carbon storage suppliers or based on United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in auto-pilot to accelerate your sustainability and NetZero goals.

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Drive performance on your mission-critical sustainability priorities

Sustainability starts with selecting and working with right tools to deliver the maximum possible output using the minimum viable resources. Businesses should not just focus on reducing Scope 2 and 3 greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, also should include a firm focus on critical subjects like human rights, ethical sourcing and supply chain transparency.

Our integrated solution connects the production, consumption, suppliers, investments and people engagement for enabling long term sustainability.

Our data coverage with science and evidence based methodologies can create, deploy and scale tools for analysis, measurements, optimisation and benchmarking.

Our enterprise platform is built on powerful AI and machine learning models to process and perform reliability checks and execute the data science methodologies at scale.

Identify employee engagement opportunities with impact organizations and communities with a sustainability focus to strengthen your social relationships.

Quantify the business impacts on society, economy based on risks, investments and offset your footprint to decarbonize for a green economy.

Assess sustainability related financial and market risk using our data driven methodologies to improve the current practices on investments and portfolios.

Balancing People, Planet and Prosperity

SYNE is a modern 360 degree software-as-a-service platform to analyze, measure and optimize sustainability based on SYNE Index. Our unified platform is underpinned by data driven methodologies and a global framework for Net Positive change.

SYNE Index

Identify impact value chains to reduce emissions footprint, accelerate growth through new opportunities and strategies for green shift using our data driven in-house benchmarking methodology.

SMART Framework

SYNE platform is built on global accounting standards and risk management principles to enable Sustainability Measurement with Accountability, Responsibility and Transparency (SMART).

Supplier Management

SYNE Supplier Management - starting from smart contracts to emissions measurement and offsets are rooted in distributed ledger technology to ensure all actions are traceable and transparent.

Sustainability Management

Manage Sustainability with our Unified Platform, thereby connecting all elements of sustainability - environmental, social, governance, people and investments - for a Net Positive change.


Accelerate Sustainability and Economic Growth with SYNE



Seamlessly analyze sustainability with artificial intelligence.



Rooted in technology and data with scientific methodologies.



Optimize your impact and offset in auto-pilot.

How SYNE Sustainable Technology can drive ESG outcomes?

SYNE Unified Platform helps companies facilitate data collection, analytics and reporting of past, present and future emissions across all the emission scopes - direct, indirect and non-specific emissions to meet reporting requirements based on legislation.

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SYNE Sustainability platform enables enterprises to gain actionable insights for improving emissions performance and building strategies for a green shift in their business value chain. SYNE Platform optimizes the current carbon and environment footprint of your business using artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies with accuracy.

Our SYNE Index will help benchmark your business through - verify and trace transactions in the supply chain, validate emissions footprint, modern slavery, emissions offset, ethical sourcing and more. SYNE is the world's first 360 degree platform which measures, optimizes, benchmark and offsets emissions directly using environmental and social technologies.

Built for your success, with accountability.


SYNE Pledge

SYNE has pledged 2% of our unified platform licenses, employee engagement time and financial profits to create long-term sustainable social impact.


Industries Coverage

SYNE covers major industries in your business from technology to financial services, materials to transportation, energy to healthcare for holistic coverage.

1 Million+

Data Points

Our Platform is rooted in code and data sciences to enable the best accuracy possible for analyzing, measuring, optimizing and benchmarking sustainable social impact.


Our Locations

SYNE operations are spread worldwide - managed from seven countries in four different continents and we assure 24x7 support in 26 countries.

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About SYNE

SYNE is the world's first 360° platform which analyzes, measures, optimizes, benchmark and offsets emissions using financial and social technologies.

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SYNE is yet to spread its wings – we are on a growth trajectory with a growing team of talented individuals, dedicated to our philosophy.