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SYNE provides developers with the necessary tools to create social good technology experience to improve financial wellbeing of your customers and enabling them easily connect applications with SYNE APIs to build systems with a sustainable impact, using few lines of code.

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Create amazing experiences with Embedded Finance APIs

SYNE APIs are clean, well-documented, and easy-to-use with stability and consistency. We have developed APIs keeping developers in focus ensuring you can quick start with API reference documentation. You are covered with everything from sample code in your favourite languages to test environments for enabling financial wellbeing.


SYNE sustainability APIs help you monitor water, air quality and emissions exposure based on consumption, generation, vehicles, travel as well as intelligent offsets.

SYNE Carbon

SYNE helps you build tailored, embedded financial experiences for individuals and families with real-time behavioural insights for their planning decisions.

SYNE Financials

Optimise your business finance with SYNE APIs to improve your accounting, suppliers, payroll, revenue and spend management, reconciliation, and social impact.

Market Data

SYNE Data APIs provides the latest insights on suppliers, global trends, events, trading, market risks, and supply chains that are reshaping our markets.

Unified Solution rooted in Code, Data and Design

SYNE APIs helps you access real-time transactions, integrated data on consumption, financial products
and services, healthcare, insurance, payroll, and utilities. As we progress through an increasingly
interconnected financial ecosystem, you will be at ease to integrate it through our APIs, with just few lines of code.


SYNE RESTful APIs are simple, easy to use, and fully documented to help you quickly integrate with your application in few minutes.

Data Encryption

SYNE stores customer data at rest using 256-bit AES encryption and use an SSL/TLS secure tunnel to transfer data between your applications and our APIs.

Realtime Monitoring

SYNE conducts behavioural monitoring, vulnerability assessment, and intrusion detection to detect threats and keep our system safe and secure

Open Banking

SYNE APIs simplify and accelerate secure delivery of open-banking compliant APIs and helps you accelerate wider opportunities in the API economy.

Digital Finance

SYNE APIs lets you embed digital financial services in your marketplace, mobile applications, or platform to lend, borrow, fund, and pay.

Code Generation

SYNE simplifies your code build process by generating server stubs and client SDKs for any API defined with the Open API specification.

Together we can build the Future with Sustainability

SYNE APIs provide utmost accountability, responsibility and transparency for all stakeholders involved - the
consumers, providers, and financial services institutions. SYNE APIs bridge the gap between ecosystems
and connects everyone securely to manage all the elements in the sustainability supplychains. The SYNE
Carbon APIs allow developers to programmatically access data on all the elements for emissions measurement,
decarbonization and offset without interacting directly with too many ecosystems and providers.

Bringing Billions of People into the Impact Economy

Digital financial services, powered by SYNE APIs have the potential to lower costs by maximizing economies of scale, to increase speed, security, and transparency of transactions and allow more tailored financial services that serve the global population. The APIs are allowing people to transfer funds across borders, pay bills from their home or in a store, with limited physical contact and absolutely cardless. The potential is enormous – we can bring more people to the impact economy.

Designed for Developers

World's most powerful and easy to use APIs.

SYNE APIs are the easiest way for teams and organisations to connect with financial accounts - web applications, mobile apps or other integrated systems. SYNE system implementation is quick - with just a few lines of code.

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API reliability

APIs from SYNE operate with 99.9% uptime. They are highly scalable and confirm to the highest compliance standards, ensuring safety and security in transactions.


Financial information is extremely confidential, making it one of the pillars around which the products, policies and practices from SYNE are designed.

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SYNE makes things happen by weaving technology with human touch, providing the complete documentation and support to enable financial services APIs. Explore SYNE Developer to instantly start creating your social impact.

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SYNE helps identify prospective impact investing opportunities for founders and investors with a passion for building sustainable future innovations.

SYNE Careers

SYNE is yet to spread its wings - we are a start-up with a growing team which comprises of talented individuals, dedicated to our Philosophy.