AI Powered Carbon
Ratings and Credits Monitoring.

Transparent data driven carbon ratings methodology, sub-sector
frameworks and process with business and industry benchmarking.
SYNE AI Powered Carbon Ratings with Claims Validation, Credits
Monitoring, Carbon Intelligence and Regulatory Reporting.

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Data Science meets Climate Science

Our cutting-edge Carbon Ratings tool empowers businesses to validate, monitor and report their carbon footprint. With real-time monitoring and comprehensive reporting, you'll navigate sustainability goals effortlessly. Join us in driving environmental impact and fostering a greener, more sustainable future for generations to come.

Claims Management

Track and offset carbon emissions generated by your claims process to reduce environmental impact effectively and efficiently and minimize your footprint.

Credits Monitoring

Track your carbon reduction efforts meticulously with dependable carbon credit monitoring, ensuring credibility and accountability in sustainability initiatives.

Carbon Credits

Simplify your path to environmental responsibility and impact reduction by streamlining sustainability efforts and efficiently managing, tracking, and trading carbon credits.

Carbon Intelligence

Leverage the capabilities of data science to harness insights and effectively minimize and offset your carbon footprint, utilizing the power of data for sustainable practices.

AI for Carbon Ratings and Reporting, with Enterprise Security and Workflows.

Empower your sustainability journey with AI-driven Carbon Ratings and Reporting. Our
platform ensures enterprise-grade security and streamlined workflows, enabling
accurate carbon footprint measurement, reporting, and impactful environmental
stewardship. Join us in shaping a greener future today.

Scientific Measurements

Reveal the unseen: Utilize precise scientific measurements for controlling emissions effectively and maintaining environmental sustainability.

Risk Management

Manage climate risks, seize opportunities: Employ strategic carbon risk management to navigate challenges and unlock potential for sustainable growth

Enterprise Integrations

Seamlessly integrate data and applications from your enterprise to simplify your business processes and enhance efficiency across the ecosystem.

Integrated Workflow

Seamlessly connect business users and streamline tasks with integrated workflows, simplifying work processes and conquering complexity effortlessly.

Carbon Markets

Navigate the carbon trading market effortlessly by buying, selling, and offsetting carbon emissions, ensuring environmental responsibility with ease.

Enterprise Security

Implement robust cloud security measures to protect sensitive data, ensuring compliance and resilience against cyber threats.

Aligned to World’s most trusted Carbon Accounting Standards.

Our practices adhere to the world's most trusted carbon accounting standards, ensuring credibility and
accuracy in measuring and reporting greenhouse gas emissions. Trust us to lead your sustainability
efforts. The Carbon ratings are critical as they provide a standardized measure of an entity's carbon
emissions, helping to quantify its environmental impact accurately. This data is essential for informed
decision-making, regulatory compliance, and driving sustainable practices to combat climate change.

Carbon measurement empowered our farming business customers by providing
insights into the environmental impact. By assessing emissions from
farming practices, transportation, and processing, SYNE optimized
operations, reduced waste, and implemented sustainable practices,
enhancing both profitability and eco-friendliness.

Why are we rooted in Carbon Ratings Methodology?

Carbon ratings typically follow established methodologies recognized by regulatory bodies, industry standards, or international organizations. Some commonly used methodologies include:

GHG Protocol: Developed by the World Resources Institute (WRI) and the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD), the Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Protocol provides comprehensive accounting and reporting standards for greenhouse gas emissions. It outlines principles and methodologies for measuring and reporting emissions from various sources, including Scope 1 (direct emissions), Scope 2 (indirect emissions from purchased electricity), and Scope 3 (indirect emissions from sources like supply chains, employee commuting, etc.).

ISO 14064: The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) developed the ISO 14064 series, which provides guidelines for quantifying, monitoring, and reporting greenhouse gas emissions. ISO 14064-1 specifies principles and requirements for designing and developing organization or project-level greenhouse gas inventories, while ISO 14064-2 provides guidance for the quantification and reporting of greenhouse gas emissions and removals. Organizations typically select a methodology based on factors such as their industry, geographic location, reporting requirements, and stakeholder expectations. It's essential to choose a methodology that aligns with recognized standards and best practices to ensure credibility, comparability, and transparency in carbon ratings.

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Report and share your sustainability journey with your stakeholders like investors, customers, employees, regulators and communities for a positive social impact.

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