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Accelerate Growth with an integrated subscription
for a Financial and Procurement Management Solution.
  • Manage Multi-currency Invoicing and Billing.
  • Payment Processing for your Invoices and Bills.
  • Integrated Business Tax Management.
  • Manage Suppliers and Customer Management.
  • Use our Smart Contracts for efficient Sourcing and Contracts.
  • Get hundreds of feature updates each year.
Analyze, measure, optimize and offset carbon emissions
to measure sustainability and decarbonize.
  • Measure Environment, Social, Governance and Investments.
  • Powered by GHG Protocols and Global Frameworks.
  • Optimize and Decarbonize using SYNE AI.
  • Supplier Management to measure supply chain emissions.
  • Calculate emissions for your business Invoice and Bills.
  • Get hundreds of feature updates each year.

If you are an Enterprise, Government or a large Non-Profit, contact us today to get a quote for your organization - customized, country specific for the platform. If you are looking for partnership or unique business models - contact us directly.

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Sustainability Cloud Platform with integrated Financials and Suppliers

SYNE is a borderless sustainability platform to analyze, measure, optimize and benchmark businesses based on SYNE Index. We can tailor your needs quickly with the platform or based on our API solution.

Unified Platform for Balancing People, Planet and Prosperity

SYNE provides a complete technology stack and supports all business models - individuals, start-ups, large enterprises and governments. With 100+ out of the box features available on simple subscription pricing,
get onboard and start analyzing, measuring and optimizing for Sustainability.

Comprehensive security and rigorous

Siloed technology infrastructure for storage, encryption, decryption and transmission of all payments data.

SYNE adopts secure networks of industry leaders to collect payment information without sensitive data ever hitting its servers.

SYNE has regulatory licenses across the world and the payments services are certified to highest industry standards.

Global payments with a
Unified Platform

SYNE supports 135+ currencies to process fundraising, platform charges and display prices in preferred currency.

SYNE supports almost all local payment methods in most countries - credit card, wallet payments, netbanking and also direct local bank credits.

SYNE is registered and regulated in 7 countries across the globe, covering 27 countries across 4 different continents.

24×7 phone and email

Team SYNE is based across 4 continents in 7 countries and support is available 24x7 in phone and chat (English only).

Detailed step-by-step documentations from SYNE cover almost all queries - technical and functional.

Ready solutions are available for common questions and topics via Help & Support Knowledge Base from SYNE or from the blogs on industry knowledge.

Fast and predictable payouts

Unified and transparent payouts, with details on payments and charges across payment methods in all the accepted currencies.

In select regions and in almost 27 countries, payments can be made in preferred currencies; SYNE recommends usage of the standard local currency.

SYNE offers the flexibility to receive transfers on a rolling basis (weekly or monthly), monitor upcoming payouts as well as expected deposit dates, payout history and much more.

Financial reporting

Get real-time information about funding, charges, fees, refunds and transfers from transactions information.

View reports on payment methods and currencies accepted in both organizational and personal accounts, simultaneously.

All payments are tagged with detailed transfer reports having exact transactions and fees.

Programmatic dispute handling

Respond to disputes and upload evidence using the Disputes API programmatically or through the simplified screens in transactions.

Track payment disputes or cancellations, including the reasons, based on spot fraud.

Based on dispute and associated network rules, SYNE helps submit evidence to increase chances of winning.

Process your subscription from anywhere on this Planet.

SYNE supports seven standard currencies and direct bank deposits in 26 countries spanned across all the continents. Join us in solving humanity’s biggest challenges through financial technologies. Collectively we can change this world.

Credit and Debit Cards

SYNE charges a fixed fee and a percentage of the transaction each time a credit or debit card payment is accepted.

1.75% + $0.30

For domestic cards

2.9% + $0.30

For international cards

Net Banking

SYNE accepts secure bank debits for large payments or recurring charges; Fees include GST.

2% + $0.30

For all domestic bank transactions

2% + $3

For all international banking transactions

Direct Transfer Payments

Direct transfer option can be used to credit the payments from bank account to SYNE’s bank account in 26 countries.


for any amount with a maximum fixed fee of $10

Payment Wallets

SYNE charges a fixed fee and a percentage of the transaction each time a payment wallet is accepted.

2.9% + $0.30

for international payment wallets

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Sign up today to get started with your business financials and sustainability measurements in auto-pilot. Quantify the business impacts on society, economy based on your emissions footprint to decarbonize for a green economy.

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SYNE identifies anomalies and security issues with machine learning to ensure our platform is safe and secure for users across the world.

SYNE Pledge

SYNE encourages partners, customers and corporations to pledge 2% of resource time and financial profits for social good.