Optimize Supplier Relations for
Accelerated Growth.

Manage your supplier relations and measure your business impact based on supply chains, products and services you consume with SYNE Index, our data driven benchmarking methodology.

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SYNE.AI powered Supplier Management
for your Supply Chain

SYNE AI powered Supplier management is vital for businesses of all sizes as it ensures quality, cost-efficiency, risk mitigation, innovation, and compliance. It enhances reliability, operational efficiency, and adaptability, contributing significantly to business success and sustainability.

Digital Procurement

SYNE helps you streamline processes, enhances transparency, expedites transactions, and enables data-driven decisions, cost savings, and collaborations for businesses.

Supplier Risk

Measuring supplier risks aids in preempting disruptions, ensuring reliability, and strategizing mitigation, fortifying the supply chain for organizational resilience and continuity.

Smart Contracts

Our AI based Smart contracts enable accuracy, security, and trust while reducing costs and the need for intermediaries, benefiting businesses across industries.

Procurement Analytics

Procurement analytics drives informed decisions, cost savings, risk mitigation, and process optimization, enhancing efficiency and supplier management for organizational success.

SYNE.AI for your complete supplier management journey

Leverage SYNE, an AI-powered platform, to digitize the entire supplier lifecycle, integrating sales,
procurement, and enterprise contracts. Unify teams with real-time contract intelligence, fostering
collaboration and confidence, ensuring accuracy in payments and supplier performance assessment with our Unified Platform.


Supplier sustainability measurement ensures ethical sourcing, reduces environmental impact, enhances reputation, and mitigates risks, aligning businesses with responsible practices and customer expectations.


Our comprehensive Products and Services taxonomy significantly streamlines categorization, aiding in efficient spend management, precise market targeting, enhanced customer experience, and optimized business operations.

Supplier Benchmarking

Our patent pending benchmarking methodology enables performance comparison, drives improvements, fosters competition, and guides informed decisions, optimizing supplier selection and enhancing operational efficiency.

Supplier Intelligence

Supplier intelligence aids in risk identification, evaluation, and mitigation, offering insights crucial for informed decisions, enhancing resilience, and reducing vulnerabilities within operations.

Materials Forecasting

Materials forecasting optimizes inventory, improves resource allocation, minimizes waste, and enhances efficiency, ensuring smooth operations and cost-effective production for businesses.

Automated Payments

SYNE's automated invoicing and billing system expedites payments, significantly reduces errors, improves cash flow, and streamlines processes, greatly enhancing efficiency and reliability for suppliers.

Measure your supply chain emissions effortlessly.

Take charge of your environmental impact with ease. Start measuring your supply chain emissions
effortlessly today. Gain insights, reduce your carbon footprint, and pave the way for a sustainable future
for your business and the planet.

How the Supplier Management Platform helped Construction business?

With comprehensive insights and improved collaboration, the unified platform empowered us to make
informed decisions, enhancing project efficiency and delivering superior results while ensuring
compliance and reliability across our supply chain. This solution bolstered supplier relationships,
ensuring timely deliveries and cost-efficient procurement.

Why do we need Integrated Supplier Risk Assessment?

Supplier risk assessment is pivotal for ensuring business continuity. It identifies vulnerabilities within the supply chain, preempting disruptions that could impede operations. By evaluating supplier reliability, financial stability, and potential risks, it enables proactive measures to mitigate threats. This proactive approach fortifies the supply chain, ensuring a resilient business ecosystem capable of withstanding unforeseen challenges and preserving seamless operations.

How can SYNE.AI identify Supplier Risks faster?

SYNE.AI can analyze vast datasets to detect patterns and anomalies in supplier behavior, identifying potential risks early. By assessing factors like financial health, delivery performance, or market trends, SYNE.AI algorithms predict disruptions or non-compliance, enabling proactive risk mitigation. This early aiding in the fight against climate change. detection allows for swift interventions, such as alternative sourcing or renegotiations, safeguarding against disruptions and ensuring a more resilient and reliable supply chain for businesses.

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Report and share your sustainability journey with your stakeholders like investors, customers, employees, regulators and communities for a positive social impact.

SYNE Carbon

Accelerate your climate impact through carbon offsets or credits. Effortlessly purchase or sell an affordable, science-backed portfolio of carbon credits with SYNE.